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When there is no free time for blogging from time to time, I forget about some looks I've done, but haven't posted! :) This is what happened to this look. I love to play with contrasts and this time I did that with pink and green eye shadows ;) Both of them enhances and works really well with the colour of my eyes. Recently I am obsessing and using PUPA Vamp eyeliner. It made me say out loud the " WOW" word. It's pitch black & super long lasting, doesn't smudge, stain or do any other filthy things. This liner came from Anna Birmane ( Anna Panna) She could't get her hand around it, so she thought that at least I will and I really do. This liner won't be the power tool for my work with my clients, as it has a soft brush, but using on my eyes it is almost the best liner I've ever tried and used!
Eyeshadows are Urban Decay - pink shade: fireball  &  green shade: zodiac
p.s. I have so many eyeliners that I love, but when I create my wing I usually use more than one. I do first lines with L'Oreal Super liner perfect slim, then the wing now I do with GOSH Giant Pro doble liner and for that long lasting effect I top all of it with PUPA VAMP eyeliner ;)
Do You do your winged liner using only one product? Or you mix it up like I do? :)
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Zanda teica...

Ļoti smuks, tāds pavasarīgs grims :) Es ja lietoju acu laineri, tad lietoju tikai vienu, tāpēc meklēju tādu, kas uzdevums veic perfekti. Man topā no laineriem ir Loreal Slim un Maybelline gēla laineris. Tagad sāku Inglot slavenos AMC gēla lainerus testēt. Pagaidām ļoti patīk :)

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