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MUST TO KNOW | Make up removing

3 simple steps, that should be done every night if you do a full make-up, but if you do only lashes,  and the mascara is not waterproof, you will be fine with just a Micellar water and a toner ;)  So it leaves you with 2 simple steps, that has been known for years and I haven't opend a new world to you, but I just want to remind you, that you are kind of obligated to cleanse your skin everynight, even if you don't use any make-up at all.
And after cleansing your beautiful skin comes either skin care products: moisturising is crutial to all skin types!
I'm really liking BIOTHERM.These are not the cheapest and not the most expencive products in the market, but I have to say that this is a money well spent, the products are high quality and does what they promisse, without harming the skin.
My all time favorite Biotherm product was BIOCILS eye make-up remover. I was buying it in airports, my boyfriend was bringing it from trips, buyinh last ones in the stores around six or seven years ago, so  I'm the biggest BIOTHERM cleansers fan in Latvia I guess :)
Have you tried any Biotherm products? What are your favorite cleansers?
With love and hugs!
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