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Hey, sweethearts! I'm back from my vacation- tanned, happy and with some changes for my blog.
I was thinking were I would love to take my blog & what I would like to do with it. So, as I prefer reading more personalised blogs, I will do the same with mine. I want to share stories, not only review product descriptions, events and show make-up looks. So this is what I will do. More of me and my life in the future posts.
My life for past few years has been a super cool roller coaster. With highs and lows. Crazy at my work and in private life! Have been on many funny dates, where most of them ended after the first time, then opened and closed my own beauty salon, worked with Italians, quit that game and now working in too many places, that my friends make jokes about me! During some hard times I gained and lost some good friends, travelled to amazing places and experienced some unforgettable moments! But the funniest part of my life still is the dating ... Since my last long term/ almost family experience I've been living the dating-life worth telling. My friends has listened to so many funny and hectic stories, they say I should write a book! :D 
Maybe I should think about that! Just those painful or funny memories vanish, as I move along with the rush of this world. I should always put down some notes. But maybe some stories shouldn't been told.

This august was the breaking point of this crazy ride! Too much stress, too many complicated situations- I even was deeply thinking about quitting everything and moving somewhere warm, as I couldn't figure out were all of this is taking me? Where is the point!? It was too much of everything. But well, I've grown myself in to a fighter! No crying, no complaining, just moving forward and enjoying every step I make. But my mood is always showing through my clothes! If happy- I go colourful, if sad- I go dark. As simple as this. 
Now I'm back in bright, and light! Feeling fresh, motivated and a bit walking through the clouds.. But for this time it's enough, I will stop! Won't tell U everything at once! ;) 
You should always have at least one black leather jacket!
Mine is old, but goodie from Mango
Top - H&M , Long shirt - Asos, Jeans - Zara, Hat - Parfois, Boots - Acne Studios
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Bucis teica...

Ļoti laba ideja par dzīves rakstiem. Tu esi tik interesanta personība, ka nudien Tavi life-update raksti ir paši foršākie!

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies TEV! ;) Turpinājums sekos! :)

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