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Estee Lauder Event

At least something new... let's start to strobe lips :) How -with Estée Lauder lip products! 

This event was super nice,  I tried some lipsticks, was told news about Estée Lauder lip products and later got a surprise bag with the most famous serum  Advanced Night Repair. A time ago I got a bag with sample size products and the serum was in it, as well as Somptious extreme mascara and these 2 products straight away caught my eyes. The serum has no age limit- so you can use it at any age and as well both - evening and morning. Mascara gives a super nice volume + length without clumping the lashes and has a big brush for quick application. By the way all the lipsticks has a super good ingredient inside: hyaluronan and only few brands in world has done the same. On my lips in pictures: Pure Color envy Vinyl lipcolor - 04 ( shameless) with small glitters inside for strobing effect. U need only bright colours for autumn/winter season! ;) 
P.s. All Estée Lauder counters offer 3 minute make-up lessons, don't hesitate to ask the consultant ;) If you want something cool for your lips to take care of them, U sure need New dimension plump + fill expert lip treatment - never seen anything like this before. Such a cool product. 
P.s. Did you know that Kendal Jenner is Estée Lauder face?  

Photos : Santa Kozlova
Invitation by: Estée Lauder
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Katy May teica...

Looks really cool place to go, do they do this often?

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