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These brushes are blowing the makeup world up! Why this latest beauty trend is so hot?
Oval makeup brushes are the latest beauty trend, and let's find out all the details on why they're so great and how to properly use them to apply products.
Beauty addicts (like me) are known for having a large variety of makeup brushes for the perfect application, but most people probably have no idea what half of them are even for. This is at least what I hear most of the time from my clients.
Oval-shaped makeup brushes have become the latest beauty trend and are perfect for applying liquid foundation and even some powder foundations. This is what most of the women does as their daily make-up routine. Although they may look confusing and difficult, they're actually pretty easy to use.
  • The brushes have three to 10 times the amount of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes the application almost magnetic.
  • Not only are they soft, but they're more sanitary, as they are cruelty-free and not made of the traditional animal-hair that most makeup brushes use, which tend to attract and hold onto a lot of bacteria
  • It's foll proof :) this is because with sponges you're pressing the product into the skin instead of smearing it on top of the skin. Larger areas are covered more easily
  • Just apply the product to the skin in circular motions, like a kabuki brush.
  • A unique, curved handle, is designed for self-application, unlike your typical brushes which are made for makeup artists to apply on clients.
  • It's durable
  • It's Multi-Functional
If you never had an oval brush before, then you can get the best deal HERE, I have these brushes, they are soft, good quality, simple to use. Sure there are more expencive alternatives, but for a start this is a bargain.
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