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Skin care is the second most important thing in our life after a healthy lifestyle! Why so? 

We can drink water,  eat tons of vegetables and fruits, do as much as possible to keep us clean and healthy from the inside, but when it comes to our skin that is exposed to the sun, pollution, wind, rain, snow, cold or extreme heat - we have to use additional help to protect it and to make it stronger. In 21 century everything is about how young and fresh looking you are. People spend thousands on plastic surgeries. They cut and lift, and do what ever it takes to look tighter, smoother and younger. They bleach their skin, fill with injections and does all kind of manipulations, but why? Just cause they waited too long and there is no skincare products that will help to turn back the time. SO, don't wait till it's too late. Start looking after your skin today. I have been using Biotherm products for a while and these 2 bottles were my best friends during this summer! I am really happy how my skin looks and feels. I've heard quite a few compliments on my age, just cause I have a good skin, not even mentioning that every professional who sees it says it is really good.
I have a dry, almost dehydrated skin, so these products will be excellent for this skin type. :)

By the way, not only the Biotherm products are good, but as well the phylosophy of the brand is pretty awesome! You can get a better insight HERE since 1952 :)

Biotherm Blue Therapy accelerated:
Serum: 30 ml, € 58,90
Cream: 50ml, €62,90
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