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Fun while Running with PureBOOSTX

Sweat is our best accessory...after our favourite running shoes of course!
Well, it has been already more than two years since active lifestyle is a part of my daily regimen. It has been the best decision and the best well spent money in my life. Feeling strong and filled with energy is something that nobody can take away from me. Running has been my best meditation, in terms of clearing out my head. Lifting has helped me to climb to the 7th floor without the feeling I will die in a second. And I really like to wear swimsuit during the summer, not to show off, but cause I love my flat tummy and sexy butt. And this is what I have earned in my 30's by working out, eating well and taking care of my body. Not by sitting on a coutch and eating a junk. Just keep running, biking, swimming, lifting... you'll get there. And  you will be so happy for your decision!
So, will you go for it, or let things just stay the same?

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Pictures: Santa Kozlova
Sponsored by Adidas Latvija
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