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STENDERS Glamorous Gold Luxury Fragrances

Glamorous as gold or pure as the most lustrous pearl – discover the new eau de toilette fragrances from STENDERS luxurious gemstone collections. Dare to wear these scents like the most precious jewels!
Hey, I guess I am overflowing my blog with perfume reviews, but I guess that the spring is a time when you change from cosy winter scents to more sunnier summer ones and as you change your wardrobe, you can change your everyday scent as well. SO I am happy to tell about STENDERS NEW  luxury fragrance serie and in particular about Glamorous Gold. There is another super lovely scent called Pure Pearl - oh, my that one is so amazing- light, fresh, like a breeze of just bloomed flowers. I can tell you the reality- In my gym Stenders did a presentation in womens changing rooms. They added flowers all over the mirror and left both fragrances on the each side of the sink. Guess witch one was empty first? I think you know- the Pure Pearl. It was like 90:10 difference of the amount in the bottle. But this doesn't mean that Glamorous gold is worse. They are just like a day and night - completely different scents. And when they did this presentation- everyone was missing spring so much and the Pure Pearl is a true ambassadress of the spring.
Glamorous Gold:  Glamorous, luxuriant fragrance unfolds with an exquisite blend of oriental notes fused with the zesty and shimmering heart of fruity aromas, the warm and velvety dry down of wood and musk adding richness, depth and splendour. Again a very mysterious and warm scent, that will be right not for anyone. I will keep this for autumn/winter season or colder summer nights!

The Pure Pearl: Inspired by the timeless elegance of pearls, the heart of this captivating aroma is lustrous with the uplifting notes of citrus with a delicate touch of lemon and florals, and a soft, enticing dry down of warm wood and sweet, soothing musk notes. Perfect for a romantic, classic and fresh scents loving women. :)
A super lovely price: €35.90
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