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By introducing the new fragrance La Diva in early 2016, Ungaro celebrates his 50th anniversary as a designer by vrevisiting his most popular perfume Diva from 1983. La Diva is a modern homage to the original, intended for a younger audience. La Diva is described as a free-spirited woman who stands out with her attitude, magnetic personality and impeccable taste.
The sweet, fruity-floral composition is signed by Marie Salamagne.
The face of the perfume is model Charlotte Free
The top of the composition is a juicy fruity cocktail of pear, raspberry and orange, spiced with pink pepper. The heart reveals a graceful and complex floral bouquet of sensual and elegant aromas. The base consists of a combination of sweet honey and vanilla with rich deep patchouli.

What is the essence of diva nowadays ? Extremely free, magnetic personality with an elegant taste . She is changing the rules with the ease of fearlessness and complacency . She obtained everything she wants . She is independent, and she has the power to follow their dreams and desires.

I have to say, that I feel quite like a modern diva. Cause I feel that this story about this fragrance is written just about my life- but, despite the fact that it is so close to the reality, this perfume for me is too sweet and too playful. The scent is nice, it's just not made for me and I gues there are several types of divas. Ones who likes sweet, the ones who prefers fresh and some of them, like me- who chooses rock'n'roll and mystery. 
What about you? 
Are U a romantic or more classic, but maybe you are like me - strong, but mysterious? 
Available at DOUGLAS 30ml;38.99eur/ 100ml;68.99eur
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