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TRIND professional hand care

Are u bothered by dry and ruff hands like me? YES! Then keep reading! 

 I have to say that using hand cream only doesn't work as the only sollution. The dead cells on top of the skin can't be reattached to the skin, but they are the ones who makes your skin look like a cracked desert. So before applying rich moisture hand cream you have to get rid of that dry and dead skin layer- hand scrub/exfoliator is a first step to get those soft and lovely hands, you wont want to hide in your pockets anymore. 
This exfoliating hand scrub from TRIND is mild but effective. After washing the excess off my hads are left with a non greasy but silky and a bit oily ( in a good way) skin. So for the first moments I even don't want to grab a hand cream, as I let the product work the magic. 
Since I wash my hands like 100 times a day, due to my job with clients, as I clean my hands 1001 time with a make-up remover from all the make-up swatches I do daily on my left hand I am desperate for product that will save my hands - and this is a first and best step I can take.
So the only problem I find with this product is the availability. Come'on, I really need to plan a whole trip to go and get it. 
But why it is worth to do it? Cause TRIND hand exfoliator contains many nice ingredients like: shea butter, sunflower seed oil & lotus extract, all mixed in sugar crystals that will exfoliate without dehydrating your skin. 
Not suitable for vegans - contains beeswax
Now I want to get hand repair cream as well with A, C and E vitamins. 
In Latvia you can get TRIND HERE
Shop locations: Ardeline saloni: Dārzciema ielā 53 un Barona kvartālā, Cēsu ielā 31.

Do You have a favorite hand exfoliator? You make it on yout own? Or you don't use anything?
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Victoria Lee teica...

Thank you for this great post! I have to buy this, where can I get the best price? I did a Google search and came up. Anyone shop from there?

Allen Jasson teica...

Nice article, very useful information.

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