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Diva Plavalaguna | Makeup

Sometimes I do go crazy with the make-up. This time I went for glitter lips, and I did love the outcome.
Inspired by a singer Era Istrefi. And in the end all those blue lips, blue eyeliner and cool tone blush made me realise that I feel some connection with Plavalaguna from the Fith Element. I bet you remember what I am talking about. That movie has been my all time favorite. Those orange hair Milla had and always good looking Bruce made this story very enjoyable.  I think you have seen this movie too! Maybe just the last time was almost 20 years ago :) That's one old movie :D
As I haven't seen in the shops and I don't own any glitter lipstick- I just took a black pencil, filled my lips and added INGLOT STAR DUST pigment 113 mixed with duraline on top. And I got this long lasting blue glitter lipstick :) Not my everyday make-up look, but I really felt good wearing it that day.
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