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Spring vibes in Latvia | Lifestyle

So here we were in Cafe Engure around 60km away from Riga. A small and cosy place where friends and different people meet. It was like a red carpet event that day - during the time we were there, we saw so, so many well known persons and celebrities there. By the way one of the hosts of this place is Kaspars Roga from Brainstorm band. :) Well, so we enjoyed the lovely luch there, then we went to treat ourseves with cakes on the seaside.  Cakes we bought on our way to Engure in Jurmala ( at Madam Brioš ) Oh, I showed the cakes on my snapchat ( @lauravaluta ) and on instagram as well- they were so damn delicious! We ended our day with a lovely walk in Ķemeru purva taka, nice place- quite close to Riga already. So a super nice day spent with my closest girls. Chatting, laughing, eating carbs and not giving a S**T about anything. :D Well, it's nice to be fit, and look good, but it would be stupid not to enjoy small things that life ofefrs us. How do you spend time with your friends? Do you have favorite cafes, spots or places where you meet or things you do? Would be nice to get some new ideas :) 
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