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Fashion through centuries with Conscious Exclusive

Hey, my friend! Today I will share with you a small fashion story. Inspired by 300 hundred years of haute couture fashion.  From a H&M Conscious Exclusive collection that is made from sustainable materials. I told you in a previous post about the collection itself, about the innovative materials and where the inspiration for the collection came from.  But today I want to take you on a small tour throug centuries of architecture in Riga combined with fashion in one. I chose pieces that stand out from everyhing you see in the shops, that are different, elegant, feminine and chic. The collection includes a long ball gown with a deep neckline features a marble draping print, a liquid dress is adorned with a slice of Botticelli's Three Graces. Short dresses and painter blouses ooze nonchalant sophistication, creating an electric and eclectic short-circuit between present and pastmini asymmetric dress that was inspired by a painting by Gustave Moreau Wearing some of these pieces. I went on the streets and felt very elegant. I think this is a feature we lack the most nowdays. All the clothing is more worn out, casual and comfortable, but I think that this collection allows you to be elegant and feel comfortable at the same time!  We have come to the point when you can actually wear a piece of art everyday! :)
P.s. Also new for this season's launch of Conscious Exclusive are three wedding dresses − a feast of lightness and embellishment materialised in dreamy, draped lines, for the bride wanting to be as beautifully dressed as she is conscious. ( Unavailable in Latvia )

 Dress HERE , I would get married in this one! Felt so perfect! I'm not into classic white gowns, so this felt so right for me. I would choose this for a Red carpet, Opera,  wedding or just some lovely and elegant celebration.
Dress HERE , Coat HERE... Oh, my this is a match made in heaven :)
Blouse HERE, Wide trousers HERE  - You can't imagine how nice I felt when an older gentelman came and kissed my hand and told that I look absolutely stunning. :) I blushed

Collaboration with H&M Latvia
Photography: Santa Kozlova
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Santa Kudreņicka teica...

K-O-L-O-S-Ā-L-I! <3

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies mīļā :)

Sabīne teica...

Fantastiskas bildes un kleita vispār ir īsts dārgums! :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies, par bildēm paldies Santai Kozlovai un klieta vienkārši izcila.. jutos dikti sievišķīgi un īpaši :)

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