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The first fashion brand ever to donate away its entire advertising budget

Hey, my happy and beautiful readers. Today I will tell about a project I really like and I took a part in it my self. I did order a t-shirt I will be proud to wear and I did donate some extra money to help someone who needs it so much more than I do. This year I want to do as much as I can to support charity and good causes. So I hope that You too could join and help these amazing people to do good! 
Please, share the post or CH8SE social media profiles so more people would join and get a chance to know about this project! 
P.s. when U will see me wearing THIS  - U know that it helped to plant 30 trees :) 

A new experimental fashion startup called ch8se (read choose) is being launched from Amsterdam, which instead of paying for billboards and TV ads, intends to plant trees, feed children and provide clean water. They want to serve as a platform, which would help “transform consumers into modern-day activists”. 

Ethical production

The mission of ch8se is to have a positive impact not just by donating, but through all of its activities. The ch8se products are made in Europe using eco-friendly materials and have a socially inclusive production process, which includes the employment of young disabled workers who often struggle to find work. The packaging is created from recycled materials and the fabrics they use contain only non-GMO cotton. They try to embrace their values of positive consumerism and inject them into each and every stage of the process.


One of the causes ch8se supports is reforestation through socially inclusive village wide tree planting programs. By partnering with the Eden Reforestation Projects their products can restore native forests to the deforested regions of Madagascar, Ethiopia, Haiti and Nepal. As local villagers are hired to plant the trees, through these projects, they can provide a living to their families. And as the native forests get restored, the wildlife starts blooming again.

They also feed hungry children in third world countries by donating to the World Food Program's school meal projects. A meal at school acts as a magnet to get children into the classroom. In poor countries, school meals are often the only regular and nutritious meal a child receives. They are an investment in the child’s future. It allows children to focus on their studies rather than their stomachs and helps to increase school enrollment and attendance, decrease drop-out rates, and improve cognitive abilities. As often as possible, food is bought locally, which benefits local farmers and the whole community while enhancing the sustainability of the programme.

They partnered up with One Day’s Wages in order to contribute to solving the global water crisis. This way they can help people get access to improved water and sanitation through improvements such as wells, filtration systems, latrines and sanitation education.

Will it work out? We are yet to see. If you would like to help make this idea real, check out their Indiegogo campaign 

" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead
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