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Stenders Royal Jelly | Skin care review

Hello, dear friend. I want to refer to you as to a dear friend, cause I want you to tell real stories, share with you reality and talk about things I love and dislike. Today I want to talk and share with you my thoughts about STENDERS ( Latvian brand) New skin care line : ROYAL JELLY! These products won't be suitable with vegans, as they contain beeswax and royal jelly. These are royal components as they  are really protective and nourishing. But without this, there are as well evening primrose flower extract, primula flower extract ( this flower is so common in Latvia during the spring season)  and royal jelly- helps to improve the texture, firmness and keeps the skin well hydrated. I am really happy that I was able to try out these products. My first favorite of these 3 is lip balm! This one has changed my lip game, the best lip balm I've tried in ya long time. Seriously- this one even beats my beloved vazeline. Instant results, soft lips, perfect consitency. I carry it all the time with me in my handbag!  Second and a true love is Royal jelly intense treatment oil.  Bye, bye dry skin! Blend of 3 botanical oils - macadamia, meadowfoam and green tea seed oils + royal jelly. This is a saviour to extra dry and dry skin, but will be really good to normal skin as well ! I use this one as a base under foundation, or even add a drop or two to the foudation for that flawless finish. The scent is calm and relaxing, it's not too sweet or annoying. Last but not least of my new friends is Stenders Royal Jelly over-night recovery mask. Well, I didn't got so excited about this one, as I am so used to EISENBERG overnight mask and Glamglow. Those ones does the job better. But when I mix  this over-night mask with an intense treatment oil, then that combo does really change my thougts and results are better. 
I suggest you to start with a lip balm :) You can't go wrong with perfect looking, soft and beautiful lips! 
Lip balm 7.90€
Shop online: STENDERS

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