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Spring Dots | makeup

SPRING is here, and my mood from sad, depressing and uninspired is just lifting sky high. :) I am becoming again that happy and fun person I love to be, I just need sun and warmth for that to happen. I felt that this winter was too long :( Maybe not even winter- but the dirty, rainy and cold weather was too much to handle. And all my trips were with rain, with cold and wasn't about sandy beaches. But hey, I've done my thesis at university, still too much to study, but I will be fine. Some few nights without a propper sleep and I will catch up on everything! There were Easter holidays- I hope at least you enjoyed them, as I was working most of the time. And the only day I had off - was monday :) It was a super nice day, I planned to go to Lithuania- Palanga, but that didn't happen and my girls saved the day- we jumped in my car and went to Engure for lunch on our way got some cakes from Madam Brioš in Jurmala, on the way back bought some fishes in Ragaciems ( best place for smoked fish) and in the end we took a sunset walk in Ķemeru purva taka. 
This look was made on a sunny day, when I wanted to do something fun, but calm and almost invisible - and I succeeded :) Still need to put some botox in my skin, all these close ups makes me sad. 
Well see you soon! Kisses

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