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Loreal Pro fiber

More than a week ago me and my friend Linda ( hairstylist ) went to attdend LOREAL Professionnel Paris PRO FIBER presentation that was held in Dizaina fabrika. It is my favorite place in Riga for creative events. The place changes so much each time when I'm there. This was a black & white event and what I liked the most, that everyone did follow the dress code. That made all the event to look even more perfect. During the evening we were introuduced to the innovation that is something completely new in the industry. Pro Fiber is a salon treatment for hair that a client can continue to prolong at home for 6 more weeks. 
If you can't understand what I am talking about then here is a bit more about PRO FIBER. 
There is a possibility now to achieve " just out of the salon" hair look just at your home.
1st you go to the salon,  hairdresser will find the right treatment for you, you proceed with a treatment at the salon,  and then get the right line of products you can use after at home. And next 6 weeks you wash your hair and  do few easy steps at home to reactivate the treatment in your hair. 
This will be a really good and effective procedure for blondes, for colored hair, for damaged and curly hair. But if you have natural hair like I do ( 80% starting from roots) then it is still good for you cause you will need a lighter treatment and less products to achieve those shampoo tvc looks  ;) 
I really want to try, just need to check for the price ... 
Have anyone heard about this already? Maybe tired? 

*Save your hair! The secret to salon beautiful hair every day. Introducing Pro Fiber - our first long-lasting, recharging haircare programme for damaged hair. It starts in salon, and is prolonged by you at home. Enriched with the Aptyl 100 technology with over 7 years of research and 7 patents, you can prolong the salon restorative effect for up to 6 weeks*.
*In-salon treatment+ Pro Fiber at home+Recharge once a week

Thank You Loreal for invitation! 
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