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Hello, Sexy!
I'm on my sunday mood, just sitting in my room, drinking a beer  ( yes, I do dink sometimes a beer) . Today went with my mother to pick out new glasses for me-  so soon you will see more pictures with me in glasses and I will do more make-up's for people with glasses :)
Then we went to have a lunch and as we both love sushi so, so much.. that was our choice!
Other half of the day I did work at the Inglot shop and after a work I popped to the wine shop to get my favorite wine as they had a client day with awesome discounts. My all time favorite wine is Passion has red lips by Some Young Punks :) ( price around 24 eur) and second is Reverse 6 by Winery Arts . I still want to go to some wine courses. Wine is an awesome thing!
Getting back to todays post - Oh, I love these earrings and I wear them so often, with a dress, with jeans.. with nothing cause they suit almost everything.
Got these little bees from Happiness Boutique  shop.
And for you my dear readers- get a 10% discount on orders over 19€ using code be-fabdiary and it is valid until march 5th! That's awesome! Other earrings I got you can see HERE
Wish You an awesome day :)

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Camille Sugar teica...

Kā man patīk košie toņi! Skaists makeup un skaisti nagi :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies :) Ar šādiem salīdzinoši gaišiem nagiem grūtāk iet .. :(

Twanie Nicole teica...

Beautiful colors!! You're gorgeous <3

Laura Valuta teica...

Oh, dear, thank you :)

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