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TEAOLOGY Tea Infusion skincare

Tea Science infused into Beauty
Is a system for the concentration of polyphenols present in tea through a process of hot infusion of whole leaves
I am so, so late with reviewing these products - somehow I just fell in love with them from a first second during the presentation. I met even the creator of TEAology brand - a really lovely italian women that is really passionate about her work. There are no surprise that tea is really healty and effective. We drink tea almost every day, especially when we feel ill, tired or need some energy boost. Cause there are many different ways how to use tea to benefit our everyday life.
Teas is a youth elixir for your skin and a natural source of polyphenols, exclusive ingredient of every product of Teaology brand


So I did had a chance to try quite a few products from the line  - I did try all of them at the presentation and there I created my first impression Top 3

 products from TEAOLOGY skincare line:
1. Green tea detox face scrub  
€ 29,95 / 50ml
2. White tea miracle drops elixir 
€ 39,95 / 30ml

3. White tea face perfecting finisher € 37,95 / 50ml ( illuminating, perfect as a base for a make-up)

Other photo from instagram HERE

Now my Top has changed a bit, but first two products remain the same:
1. Green tea detox face scrub € 29,95 / 50ml
2. White tea miracle drops elixir  
€ 39,95 / 30ml
3. Green tea reshaping body scrub € 37,95 / 450 g
4. Jasmine Tea and argan magic oil € 36,95 / 100ml
5. Imperial tea miracle face mask € 37,95 / 50ml
6. White tea face perfecting finisher  € 37,95 / 50ml  ( it's still good, but others above I love more ) 

I didn't put in my top White tea miracle eye mask- as I haven't tried it yet, It is anti- fatigue and anti bag - will use it after my return from Milan in march - really early wake upcall for airport 4 AM
And Bath salt as well is waiting in a line for the moment when I will get a bath time again :)

Over all my opinion about this line is that products is high quality, with sublime scents and lovely textures. I like that the products that are oil based feels light, non greasy but still gives a really smooth and silky finish to the skin.  If you want to try at least one product, then I say You go for a Green tea detox face scrub - it is mild, easy to use and gives a really visible results straigh ahead.
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Elīna Š. teica...

Šos noteikti vēlos pamēģināt. :) ļoti piesaista dizains un zīmola koncepts.

Zanda teica...

Es jau nopētīju vairākus produktus kopš to parādīšanās, tomēr gaidīju atsauksmes ;) Noteikti pamēģināšu kādus no Taviem iemīļotajiem produktiem. :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Man ļoti patīk liela daļa šo product, bet noteikit jāizvēlas sev tīkamas tekstūras un tādi, kurus patiktu lietot :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Man tie skrubji un eļļas ļoti patīk. Un īpašniece tiešām saprot ko dara ar šiem produktiem.

Unknown teica...

I agree with you. Thank you for sharing the update. It is interesting to have it discussed widely so that we can gain more objective opinions.

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