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LANCOME Advanced GENIFIQUE | Skincare

What a lovely box from Lancôme Paris. This skin care box- "Advanced Génifique" can be called as  a ritual for sure. Already 2 weeks I have been using only these 4 products as my skin care routine. And I absolutely love it. The best results should be  visible after 8 weeks but I can see improvments already. By the way on friday I went out for a birthday party, so we went to the Skyline bar and some guy was asking how old I am- he didn't believe I am 29, he repeated few times that  I am 21. When I asked why he thinks so- he replied that I have a really good skin. Happy me! It would be a dissaster to hear that I have a bad skin spending so much time taking care of it :) So I have to thank to Lancome box for recieving such a nice compliment! So Youth concentrate is  a really light cream, absorbes quickly and gives instant moisture to my skin. Price 77-97eur depending of the size.
Advanced activating cream for any skin type has a light texture and leaves skin soft, glowing and fresh. Price around 88 eur, My favorite from this quatrro set is Génifique Eye Light-Pearl eye cream with a massage stick. I think this is a magic! I will tell you the results after 4 weeks, but I think this one really changes the appearance of my fine lines. Price around 73 eur.
Advanced eye cream helps you to get rid of fine lines, puffiness, under eye circles. Suitable for people with contact lenses like me ;) price around 67 eur
If you can lay your hands on a box like this where  U have one full size prouct ar 3 smaller ones, then grab it. It is going to be worth it as concentrate can be used as well with other products it is your skin care primer that gives extra boost and helps everything to work better. :)
For more precise product description and reviews check Lancome
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