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SANERIBOX | review

Hey,  I am so damn late with this post :D This is Decembers SANERIBOX I received. As January was a bit messy for me- with lot's of work and travel. I already had a chance to try most of these products :)
This box contained totally new products for me and some of them I like and use already for a while - like DOVE pure care dry oil - really good one! Highly suggested for those who has dry or blond hair. This bottle I will add to my next giveaway box :) So someone will have it too.
DOVE derma SPA body lotion as well is in my skin care routine. I like the light texture that gives a well balanced mouisture to my skin without leaving it sticky for a long time.
RITUALS products I like a lot, so this cream foam cleanser  is added to my fitness bag straight away -  as I like to take travel size bottles to the gym with me.
John Masters Organic- new to me, but  I did already had my eyes on them for a while as they are in Bioteka shop range and I really wanted to try them. I am slowly getting on my organic, all natural, vegan road. :)
CAUDALIE - Instant detox mask was a super surprise for me- I really love it! I have to check for the price - If it is lover that Glam Glow supermud, then I will go for this one.
CAUDALIE gentle cleansing milk went as well in my travel make-up bag and will be used next time.
DOMINA Elegans - Rejuvenating mask surprised me with a formula of this face mask, but dissapointed with the results. Nothing - no glow, no moisture, no firmness, nothing. :(
GOSH Boombastic swril mascara- not the best one from their range. But I absolutlely adore Catchy eyes, Rebel eyes and Double precision mascaras.

Well, overall I am really satisfied  again with SANERIBOX - as usual there are surprises, there is quality and  there are good offers to purchase the products for a better price if I like them.
So if you're looking for a  good  beauty box - try SANERIBOX

*Box sent by SANERIBOX

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