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As you know or maybe you don't - on my hands I use most of the time Gelpolishes as I have thin nails and I use them to open all tubes, boxes, scratch some things and do everything that shouldn't be done with natural nails. BUT - I do use nail polishes on my feet. :)
So these creamy and super beautiful ORIFLAME The ONE Long Wear nail polishes blew my head when they arrived. Long wear for me means - I need them. As it is not so easy to do your own nails - even on feet. So if I do them and add some design  I really want them to last. So these polishes are easy to apply, I use them in one coat + add a top coat. And they behave so well. :)
As I have only 2 feet and loads of nail polishes, then few of these babies I will add to my next giveaway box. By the way- I will create this year my own beauty boxes- this means- that once in 2 month there will be a beauty box that one of my readers will be able to get. I will check everything with costums and so on maybe I will be able to make- this an international givaway :) The boxes will be awesome. So stay tuned and follow- I guess that first one could come out before 14th of february. That could be nice.
Well but back to Oriflame - have you tried their nail polishes ? Do you like these shades? I like all those colorful ones :) SO PRETTY!

price: 6.50 eur at the moment : € 3,49 € 6,50
*Thanks ORIFLAME  Latvia for these beauties!
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