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LOGONA Naturkosmetik review

POMEGRANATE * 3 – firmness, moisture and an anti-oxidative effect. What a wonderful gift – thank you, Mother Nature!

Logona Nauturkosmetik is a super lovely brand with a high quality and wide range products.
I had a chance for a while to use and try 4 products from Logona Pomegranate line. Day cream, night cream, eye cream and shower gel.  All can be found in Latvia- Bioteka shops.
Face creams are super nice dosn't leave a heavy or sticky feeling. My dry skin feels more moisturised and looks way healthier than before- when I  wasn't using these products. I love pomegranate as a fruit. I tend to use it as much as I can on daily bases- in salads or just plain as a snack. But there can't be too much good vitamins and antioxidants for your body. We can treat our selves inside out with good things. As well I love that these products has no heavy, synthetic and specific scent. I have to admit, tad pomegranate is the most effective ingredient when we are talking about reducing wrinkles around the eyes. And for me this is the most important part.
So my first suggestion is to try firming eye cream, then night cream, then day cream and last but not least -shower cream. Shower cream I left last as it is nice, but I like more scented ones, when I can feel that it leaves a mark in the air and my bed linnen gets this nice scent from me. But if youre into light, less aromatic shower creams, then this will be great.

LOGONA quality guarantee
  • complies with the strict criteria for certified natural cosmetics (NaTrue)
  • for demanding and/or mature skin
  • with organic pomegranate seed oil, organic pomegranate seed extract, and organic pomegranate juice
  • free of synthetic colours and preservatives
  • contain no petroleum-based raw materials 
  • skin tolerance and eye tolerance confirmed by expert dermatologists
  • priority given to raw materials from certified organic cultivation
  • vegan
Combats free radicals
A symbol of the gods in Greek mythology, the pomegranate is widely used in gastronomy, medicine and cosmetics today. Its seeds are host to beta carotene, minerals and a high content of flavonoids and essential fatty acids. Pomegranate seeds help to make skin firm and

* from controlled organic cultivation
Thanks to BIOTEKA for these amazing products!

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Posted by YOLO on Monday, February 1, 2016
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Man ļoti patīk Logona granātābolu roku krēms :)

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Roku krēms man naff, to man ir diezgan no citiem zīmoliem, bet es ticu Tev uz vārda, ka ir labs :)

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