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A Story Of Beauty Full Wishes | BIOTHERM

Biotherm is delighted to announce its 2015 Christmas collaboration with cult paper artist Sabrina Transiskus.

With an eagle eye for detail, Transiskus creates seasonal magic in a beautiful hand-cut paper tree sculpted exclusively for Biotherm and photographed by Charles Petillon.
The German-born artist reinterprets four of Biotherm’s skincare classics in limited editions. Every one purchased will help fund research into the impact of global warming on Antarctica’s near-threatened Emperor penguins.

Oh, and once again Biotherm doesn't disappoint with a gift set design and sure it is so worth getting one as a present for Your beloved ones. As Biotherm has such a good and high quality products it is amaizng that gift sets are not over priced. It is so nice that the purchase will make happy not ony one person but as well You will donate part of the money for such an important cause as global warming. Not so many big companies put an effort to help the world to get better, but Biotherm does! I am really happy about this collaboration with such a talanted designer and artist like Sabrina Transiskus as well I already know what boys will get for Christmas. 

Biotherm by Sabrina Transiskus; a story of Beauty Full Wishes

It’s the story of a snowflake floating across the world to bring beauty full wishes. In a visual interpretation of Biotherm’s birthplace in water, an ethereal snowflake-covered tree is crafted to exquisite detail. Where, for the first time, Transiskus adds playful touches of color to her signature white.  “I created snowflakes like little jewels, falling from the sky, carrying a wish to the ground.”

When the sea ice melts.
Emperor Penguins predicted to decline by 50%
Emperor Penguins depend on sea ice levels and risk population decline if ice melts at the rates predicted.  By the end of the century at least twothirds of the Emperor colonies are projected to have plummeted by more than 50%. But this worrisome prediction may change if penguins migrate to stay within suitable climatic conditions.

In the footsteps of an Emperor
A new model to predict the Emperor penguin’s future
Led by Dr. Jenouvrier, a biologist specializing in predicting the impact of climate change on seabirds, alongside Dr. Jimmy Garnier, a mathematician at the French National Research Center, CNRS. The two will develop a completely new mathematical model to follow individual penguin movements to predict the Emperor penguin’s risk of extinction. This majestic species is currently under review for being classified as endangered and these scientific results may help to eventually win protection by the U.S. Endangered Species Act.

A portion of proceeds from this holiday limited edition * will help fund research into the impact of global warming on Antarctica’s near-threatened Emperor penguins.
*For up to a total donation of 50.000€


Water Lovers is Biotherm’s international program to help protect life in the world’s waters, thanks to strong commitments on our products development, awareness initiatives and charity actions.

Citrusīgais produktu aromāts ir tik izcils, ja vien man būtu draugs, es domāju, ka viņš vienkārši sajutku prātā. Viegls, svaigs, augļains aromāts un tik pat viegla konsistence, kura ātri iesūcas ādā un neatstāj lipīgu slāni. Biotherm kārtējo reizi pierāda, ka zin, ko dara un dara to patiesi labi. Pilnīgi tirpiņas skrien! Šis patiks visām, kurām patk viegli un neuzbāzīgi aromāti, kā arī patīkami lietojams produkts. Jūs jau redzat cik skaisti ir Ziemassvētku dāvanu iepakojumi. Un, ja par dāmām šaubaties, tad zinat, ka vīriešiem Biotherm līnija ir izcila. Esmu pieredzējusi vīriešus slavinam šos produktus. :) Nešaubīgi lieliski. 
P.s.  daļa no šo dāvanu komplektu iegūtājiem līdzekļiem tiks ziedoti Imperator pingvīnu aizsardzībai, kas ir īpaši svarīga, lai pasaulē saglabātu klimata līdzsvaru. Jūs jau zināt, ka globālā sasilšana nevienam nenāk par labu ;)

BIOTHERM var iegādāties: Douglas, u/v Stockmann, Kristiana, Debenhams
Cena: ķermeņa losjons 11 €, roku krēms 23,95 €, komplekta cena: 19,50 € 

Atceraties, ka komplektus iegādāties vienmēr ir izdevīgāk, jo kāds produkts nāks dāvanā vai izmaksās tikai pusi cenas :) 
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