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“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” 
– Dalai Lama

I think DALAI LAMA has been a very wise man!  But I know one thing- it is so easy and comforting to travel to the places you already know, It's like travelling home, or to a place where you feel safe. But the most beautiful moments and the biggest experience you will get while you travel to the places you have never been before! So I stay true to this quote  - It doesn't matter where I go during the year- but at least one place has to be new and where I haven't been before! 
Last Year I went to see two new places - Portugal for the 1st time and Barcelona was  the second place, but I have visited Spain before. 
Next Year my first trip is in January to the UK, London and Guerensey - been there, done that several times. So I have to plan another trip where to go next year! Any suggestions? Palm trees are a MUST!  

In Portugal should definitely be at a pastelaria – where you can buy the quintessential pastéis de nata (Portguese custard tarts). 

100 times thanking to FEEDOM ROUTES that made this trip possible! I couldn't wish for a better! 

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Camille Sugar teica...

Skaistas bildes! Izskatās, ka bija emocijām bagāts ceļojums :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies, piedzīvojums bija fantastisks. Būs arī dublis divi, ar info par vietām, pludmalēm, ut.t. ;)

Una no Vēlais rīts teica...

Silti iesaku Kaliforniju.. :) Okeāna krasts diezgan līdzīgs, palmas arī ir, lai gan nav dabiskie augi, bet mākslīgi sastādītas.. ;)

Laura Valuta teica...

O jā, es tik ļoti ceru tur aizbraukt :) Ļoti labprāt to apvienotu ar mācībām Cinema Make Up School :) Un, mūsu Surf treneris, teica, ka daba tiešām Portugālē līdzīga Kalifornijai :) Tik Portugālē nedaudz zaļāks ;)

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