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TILK BIO skin care

Hello, today I want to share my excitement about a brand that is located in Estonia- Saaremaa. 
TILK BIO offers natural skin care products. You all know that I like natural and bio cosmetics, cause  products can't harm my skin and health. But not always they provide the desired results, or the scent, texture or other things does not meet the needs. 
Then one day, I received these products, as a surprise. As opened the box I was excited by how the products looks, that there is a wooden spoon to keep the product clean.  I was blown away by the mousse like texture the products has. Texture is airy, creamy & not sticky. I guess this is my preference in textures. I received a day cream, night cream, face scrub, hand cream and a lip balm.
Each of the products has a different fragrance, all of them really feels like from nature and real. Some of my friends doesn't like this kind of fragrance, so they ro nose. There are people who prefer non scented products and that's fine, but  this won't be the case with non fragranced products. Face creams has a lighter fragrance, but hand cream retains the fragrance for a longer time.  So I would say- very high quality & effective, natural skin care products for a super affordable price. These products are way better than most of high-end skin care brands. 

This is not a sponsored post. I received these products as a gift and found them very, very good and worth telling about. 
Spoon me bio   for night - 24.90 (favourite, love love love it's almost empty) Perfect for dry skin!

Spoon me bio cream for night - My skin has changed, I use it night & day. The results are instant!
Love me bio hand cream - strong citrus scent, no cracked, dry skin on my hands. 
Kiss me bio lip balm - light herb scent, very moisturising but doesn't feel too sticky.

  • Vegan
  • Best natural herbs from Saaremaa
  • Hand pick powerful plants
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Paraben and mineral oil free
  • No animal testing
  • Travel-friendly package

  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over 25 eur

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Anonīms teica...

Sveika. Cenas kas norādītas ir tādas kā viņu mājaslapā vai kādas ir Blaumaņa ielas veikalā? :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Čau, cenas norādītas kā mājas lapā :)

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