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NEW IN my beauty bag | MAY

NEW TOPIC! I figured out to do this kind of posts once or twice a month, depending on the amount of  the new products. Sometimes I keep products for so so long time as a " secret" because I do not post every day. (I try to post monday, wednesday & friday. ) And at the end all the new products get's lost between the products I use for a long time and I forget about them. So this way I will show you what I have, what I tried, what I like/ dislike & later you can just comment if you would love to get more detailed information about any product mentioned here. Most of the products are sent as a gift/ PR products, but some I have bought on my own. I will mention that. ;) But other way my thoughts are my own, and I haven't been paid to write this.
ARTEMIS: Skin Aquatics - first impressions neutral. Nothing special, but maybe later my thoughts will change, I will let you know that when they will be empty. But maybe someone loves this set? Let me know!
But I received 2 types of product kit: for dry and for oily skin. The one for oily, combination skin type, I gave to my friend Vineta to try, and she mentioned, that she likes them a lot and her skin condition improves.  So they are effective, the sizes are super good for travels ;)
I believe that it's  as well due to the LANCOME new visionaire crescendo product- thats a miracle. It really works, I mentioned it HERE it is a must- have to improve skin condition!
 GLAMGLOW SUPERMUD- U NEED THIS! I LOVE IT! I genuinely think that this mask is so worth the price. Clears out pores like nothing else. Have tried different charcoal face masks and this one does job THE BEST! I'm a fan. Now it has a bigger size, so you can use it for a longer time! Amazing news!
 I bought New shades for summer from INGLOT YSM foundation line, this suits all skin types, maybe for dry skin on long terms won't be the best choice, but for work, they are really good. Buildable coverage, water based, slightly mattifying and is quite long lasting. Nice result throughout the day.
39, 40 - the lightest shades for pale skin tones, a bit of a tan will be nice - 49, 50 and 45 will be already for a quite tanned girls. But the best is to test the shade on your skin before a purchase.
LANCOME teint Idole Ultra wear. Such a super good full coverage, fluid like foundation. My latest foundation favourite. Love the intensity of pigments as the foundation evens out skin tone like a dream. No need for photoshop :) But it needs to be powdered, long-lasting, comfortable on dry skin through out the day.  I like this one a lot, lot!
New super nice products from ORIGINS- love the SPF 20 eye cream and SPF40 face cream , perfect as a base under everyday make-up. Absorbs really quickly, doesn't leave shiny layer, feels really light, perfect for summer. Has a quite intense fragrance, but it goes away very quickly.
SMASHBOX- I sure will do a video on these products, all single one of them got my admiration from the beginning, the only one I cant figure out and find a real purpose is the Photo Finish Primer water. Basically I don't see the point of it, maybe I just have to use it a bit longer as you can use it as a primer & as a fixing spray as well. Has anyone tried?
But eyeshadow base & eyeshadow palettes are brilliant- rich with pigments, almost no fallout, blends very well. And the Sculpting palette is THE BEST I've tried. Seriously it blends so well and really gives that camera & picture ready finish. I want to get my hands on make-up primers! :)
There will be a Youtube video for these products. Don't miss it! My other videos watch HERE
Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks - Very, very cool lipsticks, long-lasting, waterproof & dry. No leaking, smudging, red teeth, uneven lip contour. Apply, let it dry, apply again and go! 
My favourite of these 3 is the intense, bright pink shade- Firebird! But the dark one with sparkles-Purgatory is amazing for more intense make-up looks :) 714 is a classic red shade, will suit most of the women! :) And everyone need one classic red, long- lasting lipstick! P.s. Price performance is worth mentioning. 
HOW DID YOU LIKE THIS POST? Should I do this every month?
Anything you're interested I should do a bigger post?
Hugs & Kisses! 
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Una no Vēlais rīts teica...

Hehe, man Smashbox ūdentiņš ir gandrīz vienīgais produkts, kas ir iegājies ikdienas lietošanā. ;) Lietoju pirms makeup papildus mitrināšanai (man ir sausa āda), kā arī dažkārt pa virsu makeup, ja izliekas par daudz pūderains. Vēl dažkārt ar to saslapinu beautyblender, kad ir slinkums iet līdz izlietnei pēc ūdens. :)

Laura Valuta teica...

O, nu re, man laikam vairāk jāpalieto, iespējams, ka manas expektācijas bija augstākas, kā tas ko saņēmu :( :)

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