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Hi, my dear! Last week I had a blast and a chance to attend a marvellous presentation of NEW #goldobsesion collection by L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche. The event was held in bar XIII. We had a chance to taste delicious drinks, taste some mind blowing appetisers and then the culmination...  We were reviled the new collection and we had a chance to try all new lipsticks and take some pretty awesome pictures by Nils Vilnis ( kas te kust )
What can I say about the collection, this is fun for professionals and fun for all the rest of the ladies in thw world. 
So L'Oreal Paris has created 2 lipstick palettes : Colour Riche La palette NUDE and Colour Riche La palette RED 
Both palettes contains 6 shades and a very well executed brush. U kind of have 6 shades, but you can be your own artist and create your own shades by mixing them together. Then there is a Gold Obsession collection with 5 new lipsticks that contains 24carat gold :

  • Pink gold
  • Rose gold
  • Nude gold
  • Rouge gold
  • And the magical PURE GOLD 
I Love the gold one, I chose to use it during the event and sure will continue to use it daily. :)
What U think of this collection ? Do you like it? 

P.s. By the way L'Oreal Paris is the official partner for Paris fashion week this year, so stay tuned, there will be lot of amazing and inspiring beauty looks. 
Thanks L'Oreal Paris for invitation
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