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This is a recap of my Saturdays night at my friends "august house" - this is what she called a place where she lived in august :) Why an august house? Long story short: She had to move out from one apartment and wait some time till the new one is ready and the men she was seeing since the  beginning of this summer, offered her to stay at one of his properties guest houses..
OH, what a house! Light wooden house, with engraved window shutters and cosy light interior. All in white and beige, where wood blends so well together with marble fire place and a floor length curtains. A perfect yard with freshly mown lawn and very tall pine trees stretching to the sky.
So as she was there just for a month- that house is called an "august house"- amen!
So I explained briefly about the magic house where I would love to live as well, and now let's get back to the actual story.
I went to stay with her there for a last time, before she moves out. To enjoy some wine and lovely talks. We lightly danced around the living room for an hour, while chattered about men, life and future dreams! Till my friend started an interesting conversation with a man who owns the "August house". As she told him that we are having a lovely night and I'm staying there, after a second, popped up a very strange question about me: "Is she single?  She is kind of interesting."
You can imagine my friends face... I saw it! She was shocked, she didn't know what to do, to laugh or to cry. The man she really likes is asking her about her friend. :( That's sad and upsetting at the same time.
So I started to laugh and said: "Say that I'm getting married!" That's a lie, cause I'm a free spirit, but to make her feel better and to rule me out of the conversation, I thought that was a must to say.
But he didn't stop, he continued with a sentence, that there is no point of getting married, cause sooner or later you still will divorce that person. I am a believer, no matter how many times you get married or divorced - all of those moments are ment for you to grow. I've had quite a few painful brake-ups, but I still believe in love.
So we couldn't figure out why that man was asking a girl, who he is dating, about another girl who is her friend? And why he want's to seed the disbelief about a successful marriage to other people? Was that a way to say that he doesn't want to continue anything with her, or just to make other feel worse about life in general?
I am old fashioned, I believe in a life long love with one person, but I don't judge people who get married more than 2 times either. I wan't to get married and I won't say no to the man, just cause he has been divorced. So let's keep our destroyed mindset to ourselves. If you're not ready or u're too weak to deal with unforeseen situations, then please don't put others down, don't seed the disbelief.
And the most important part - don't hurt anyone. Not in a way he did- through me. I felt so stupid and sad, cause I even don't know that person. But she felt so miserable. So did I!
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