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Sometimes I catch my self to the fact, that I tend to save some products for a special day! The special day for me is: party, birthdays, travel, events, dinners, dates, bussiness meetings. The products I don't waste mostly are quite pricey, lovely looking and high quality, so I don't want to waste them randomly while I am at home on a couch or playing with my dog in sweatpants. 

What it does: 
Get perfect, 16-hour foundation coverage and broad spectrum SPF 35 protection from day to evening. This foundation leaves a luminous matte finish, flawless correction, and exceptional comfort. It’s enriched with Poreless Effect skin care essence, leaving the skin’s texture looking more refined with each wear. At the moment im TOO pale for this shade, but I mix it with white MAC foundation,
What it does:
The Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss’ hydrating plumper instantly produces a natural-looking volumized effect day after day. Bursting with hyaluronic acid spheres that capture and retain the surrounding water, its quenches lips so that they appear full with lasting moisture. Enriched with 70 percent mirror-shine stretch oils, it provides ultra-glossy shine. Dior lipglosses are my favourite ones, I'm still in love with my Etoile super sparkling shade  - remeber , that sparkles adds volume to anything.

When feeling romantic & feminine  I like to highlight my emotions with Dior J'adore Eau Lumière. 
Joyful top notes explode and captivate as blood orange essence awakens the senses and whets the appetite. Neroli from Vallauris is an intense flower that shines with a radiance as white as its petals and as warm as the golden Mediterranean sun. It unfurls alongside orange blossom absolute. The sweetness of magnolia, tinged with vanilla and lemon, meets the delicate and lively beauty of the base note and essence of J’adore, the Damascan Rose. This is a scent for a romantic and feminine lady, but as well J'Adore will help to bloom every girl like a godess.

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