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MINERAL MAKEUP PRO Contouring palette by BellaPierre

Ready to add some definition and dimension to your complexion? This palette contains six shades to help you highlight the areas you want to bring out, or contour the areas you want to slim down. In palette is included step-by-step instructions that make contouring and highlighting easier than ever!
Expertly sculpting and creating subtle definition, each easy-to-blend shade works on specific areas of the face for added depth and dimension. The contour powder applies effortlessly onto the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and jawline, whilst the highlighter brightens and illuminates your face for a fuller-looking finish.

Step 1: Begin by determining your face shape with the Face Chart. This will be your guide for recommended placement of contour and highlight powders.
Step 2: Using any of the three contour powders on the bottom row, apply this with a make-up brush anywhere you want to slim or define your features. Typically, this powder is applied on the outer edges of the forehead, on either side of the bridge of the nose, underneath cheekbones, and along the jawline.
Step 3: Blend the contour powder using a fluffy make-up brush, there should be no harsh lines if you want this to look natural. Be sure to blend any contour powder on your jawline down toward your neck.

Step 4: Next, choose any of the three highlight powders on the top row. These can be used on any areas you want to emphasize or bring forward. Using a small brush, gently sweep the highlighter from your lower lash line to the top of your cheek bone, filling in the area of skin in the middle (this should be quite a large surface area). Then, apply the highlighter down the bridge of your nose, Cupid’s bow, chin, and centre of your forehead.
Step 5: The final step is to blend the highlight powder using a fluffy make-up brush.

Love this product so much, it is so easy to work with, it's very versatile and suits all skin tones. The box has an option to take out the shades you need without damaging the package or the product. This has been lately the best discovery for my professional  makeup kit. Highly suggested. :)
Available at Biotē  shops
Or online HERE
Price: around 49 eur
Bella Pierre mineral lipstick- Ruby
Boasting an innovative, mineral rich formula, this Mineral Lipstick from Bellapierre Cosmetics is designed to give your lips a flash of irresistible colour whilst working to keep them hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Containing natural waxes and rich mineral pigments, this lipstick does nothing but good things for your lips.
Formulated with iron oxides and antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E, this silky lipstick also provides SPF protection from the sun. Available in a gorgeous range of colours that are sure to have you turning heads for all the right reasons, this lipstick is a make-up bag must have with a super lovely and sweet scent.
Available at Biotē shops and online HERE
Price: around 19eur
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Forša konturēšanas palete, tik ļoti atgādina ABH :)

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This makeup is very helpful for how to make your face slim So its a lot thanks to you !!

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