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Healthy VEGAN treats

nommm.... So tasty, so nice and so easy to cook! My latest food discoveries are brilliant!

All of this comes from Biotēka shop. Vegan Crispbread is a super cool way to replace bread or those bad fluffy rise things that people tend to eat. :/ Vegetarian Patè is yummm - my favorite is truffle, even I love pesto- the truffle one is just perfect. Vegan Tomato burger is so easy to cook. I showed it on my snapchat: so for all the good stuff follow me there @lauravaluta :) haven't yet cooked vegan Falafel- so that's will come soon and you will be able to see it. You just have to mix the product with water, wait for around 15-20 minutes, and then just cook in oil :) all simple, quick and delicious + vegan :))
This is what vegans eat .. This is an answer to all those people who thinks that we are starving! 
Oh, well and as I'm a total coffee addict :) Organic coffee is a perfect pick for me. This one is light with a nice flavor. 100% Arabica :) 
Coffea arabica /əˈræbɪkə/ is a species of Coffea originally indigenous to the forests of the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia.[1] It is also known as the "coffee shrub of Arabia", "mountain coffee", or "arabica coffee". C. arabica is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated.

Do you look for organic food or you're not bother with the quality of products? Is anyone of my readers vegetarian or vegan? :)
Lot's of love
P.s. If you love more complicated recipes HERE is a more complicated one! 


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