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My godson turned 7! Im so happy and proud. On the first of september he will begin his grownup life and will jump in to the first grade at school. Oh well, this will be something new for him, my sister( her family) and me as well :)  Love spending time with my family. We had a lovely day at home, eating, laughing, talking and playing with kids. If you don't know I have to half sisters older than me- i'm the youngest. And my godsob is the son of my eldrst sister:) p.s. I'm godmother already to one more supercute boy- Callum. He's a son of my best friend and last month he turned 1 :)) feeling almost like a mother, just without actually rising them up. 
Say hello to almost all my family.. I'm just missing my mom in this shot :( 
P.s. Photos by my cousin Santa Kozlova - she's a photographer :) 
Do You have a big family? How do You spend your time together?

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