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In 48h I attended 2 Armani You don't know events - first one was in Tallin Estonia and if to be precise in a Hilton hotel that is just recently opened. The hotel is beyond amazing and I suggest you to stay in it if you visit Tallin. As we were a bit late to the event- traffic problems :/ but we were kindly greeted by the amazing and talented Armani makeup artist - Reza Zaimeche. This meeting was private and super lovely, as we were able to try all the Armani products after Reza demonstrated us a simple, yet very elegant make-up. Armani make-up is all about a beautiful skin and enhancing just a bit of your natural beauty. After I fell in love with a foundation, I absolutely enjoyed the mascara as well and the versatilty of each product I used. I have to say that it was so worth driving from Riga to Tallin and back to meet Reza, to have an Aperol Spritz ( my favorite)  and to have a chat with 3 awesome girls Agnija Grigule, Liz Gorina and Maija Armaneva. Those girls are so awesome. Inspired me so much and they love make-up & beauty almost as much as I do. 
Oh, but wait this doesn't end with Tallin. The next day Reza was in Riga :) oh, yes he was.  With all his charm, presenting us two more make-up's from Armani beauty. And you can see them here in the pictures. All again about natural, yet beautiful skin, enhancing eyes and adding a bit of a twist to the look. You don't need red lips to be the star of the night, just put brown lips and everyone will be looking at you in a good way- not so excentric, not so loud, yet eye catching. So, my suggestion to you is: just grab yout bag, and go to the nearest Armani beauty counter- mascara, foundation or even a pencil will swirll your world to the better. Im 100% happy and grateful to Armani team for inviting me. This was such an amazing time spent in a high quality beauty world, that is accessible to everyone!
Have you got anything from ARMANI? :) 
P.s. In the last picture I'm with Liz Gorin ( such a sweetheart)

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Liz Gorina teica...

Laura <3 Those were definitely two amazing days :)

Camille Sugar teica...

I have some favourites from Armani i.e. Lasting Silk foundation and Eye Tint eyeshadows.

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