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Hey, cuties! Today reviewing 2 different, but yet so similar contouring products. Price is low enough for these products, so you can even buy both!

Let's move on!  
As I started, these are 2 very similar products, yet so different. 
L'oreal INFALLIBLE SCULPT is a creamy contouring palette consisting of one light and one dark shade, then you need a brush to get it out from the box or you have to stick your finger in it. 
Brown is quite a warm tone and on a pale skin it could look a bit too red-ish. I like it a bit less, than his brother from another mother- Maybelline New York - MASTER CONTOUR. This one is a contouring stick and is divided in two blocks- light and dark.  The dark shade in Maybelline contouring stick is cooler than the one in L'oreal palete. I like MAybelline master contour as it has a fuller coverage, I can apply it straight from the tube and I can draw exact lines.  Just need to blend them out, either with my fingers or sponge or a brush nad I'm ready to go. 
If I had to choose, between these 2,/ I would prefer Maybelline New york. I like the presentation and the consistancy better. I didn't mention the light shades as both are light enough to highlight , both are good.
  • L'Oreal Paris INFALLIBLE  SCULPT: 
  • Maybelline New York MASTER CONTOUR: 9,99
Available at drugstores and other shops 

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