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PRO TIPS HOW to clean makeup brushes

When you clean your brushes, you’re not just getting rid of old makeup, but you’re also ridding the brush of: old makeup, dirt, oil, dead skin, and bacteria. I know -being a human is quite disgusting.
1. BACTERIA. Just think about the stuff that are picked up by your brushes everyday- bacteria (that quickly multiplies). Obviously this can increase the risk of your skin breaking out and only that alone is a great reason to maintain your makeup equipment.

2. EASIER & BETTER APPLICATION. It's way easier to apply makeup with a clean brush than by using one that has old dry pieces of products on it. This especially goes for anything liquid.

3. RUINING YOUR PRODUCTS. That bacteria mentioned before in the beginning goes to your makeup products that wont last as long as they would if you'd keep them clean from germs.

4. SAVING MONEY. The brushes will last way longer if you take care of them and stay soft and nice. Good ones aren't cheap and they can only be called an investment if you clean them often. Some of mine are around 6 years or more old and look like new ones :)
  • A good way to know when the brush is ready to be washed is when it is no longer soft, and of course, if the makeup residue is cake-y and visible.
  • If you are a PRO - cleanse your brushes after every use, for personal use clean as often as U can, but at least once a week.
  • Use a cloth or a paper towel to dry off the bristles, reshaping them as you go. Don't forget to clean your other makeup tools, like your eyelash curler too!


  1. For synthetic brushes, like lip and concealer brushes, use hand sanitizer on them after each use.
  2. Occasionally condition natural hair brushes with hair conditioner or a mask and leave them to soak it in for an hour or so.
  3. For synthetic brushes, use brush soap like (Douglas, Barbara Hoffman), which helps cut through the cosmetic oils and silicones used in makeup that can be hard to get out. 
  4. For a quick color swap use H&M brush cleansing spray directly on the brush, clean it out on a paper towel.
  5. Use dish soap for stubborn grease paints or glitter in brushes, but use only synthetic brushes for these things so that the hairs are not destroyed.
  6. For a anti-bacterial cleanse use MAC brush cleanser -put the cleanser in a cap and dip the brush in. Use tissues to soak up most of the liquid on the brushes, then lay them all flat on top of a paper towel to dry.
  7. In addition to cleaning the brushes perfectly, the alcohol in the solution is an instant disinfectant as well. Just pour enough cleaner into a glass to cover the bristle. Dip the brush into the solution and move it around to help it dissolve the dirt. Place the brush on a paper towel, squeeze thoroughly, and let it dry on a towel. For a quick desinfection- spray the cleanser over the brushes. (Inglot, Make Up For Ever, MAC )
  8. Try not to use just a water, because it makes them smell terrible and it also makes the bristle loose, which leads to the brush falling apart over time—and wood handles don't like being wet either.I prefer a spirit solution,( Make Up Studio with a color switch sponge ) which is quite easy to find these days.

Tip from Mario Dedivanovic( Kim Kardashian West make-up artist): “To clean my brushes, I first wet them thoroughly with water and rub them gently onto a bar of antibacterial soap. I then rinse them with warm water and wash one more time with a gentle shampoo— Johnson's Baby Shampoo works well. I like to mix a couple drops of tea tree oil with the shampoo because it has antiseptic benefits, and it also leaves the brushes smelling great. I give a final rinse, squeeze them out gently with my fingers, and lay them on a clean towel to dry.”

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David Paul teica...

8D I actually clean my brushes in a similar way! Actually I mostly "deep" clean your makeup brushes naturally since I change pigments a lot and am so partial to certain brushes!

David Paul teica...

8D I actually clean your makeup brushes naturally in a similar way! Actually I mostly "deep" clean my brushes since I change pigments a lot and am sooo partial to certain brushes!

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