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Hey my dear readers! It's been a while since the last post. Oh, well I have been enjoying summer, meeting friends, working, passing exams and trying to live the life to the fullest. Two my close friends recently had their 30th birthdays and both celebrations were simply magical. All the insights from my daily life can be seen on my Snapchat @lauravaluta :) As well I had a really nice midsummer celebration in Saulkrasti- at the seaside with my girls ;) Burnt my back a bit so now I will have a white line over my back ( shit). But that's cause I really forgot to apply SPF on my back, the rest of my body was fine- so, the one thing you should do is to use SUN PROTECTION ALWAYS all over your body! But if I turn back to these photos I am showing you todatm, then this is my submission for NYX BALTICS FACE AWARDS!  I was really somehow afraid I won't have a time to do it, but I managed to film and to edit the video even before the midsummer  celebration:) Happy me. I wanted to do something dark, deep, mystic and not so usual and I love the result so much. :)
Hope you're having fun during the summer and spending more time outdoors than by the computer ;)

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Nereāls grims! :) šādi es tiešām iedomājos face awards - pilnīgi traki un radoši. Lai veicas!

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