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NYX is coming to LATVIA! 
You would say- wait it's been here for a while... Yes, some small corners with selected products. There wasn't a full range of products! BUT NOW there will be, just be patient - there will be a NYX shop with full product range and same prices as anywhere else in the world. I loved NYX for a long time, but my love faded away as we couldn't have top products and shades over here, each shop made their own prices and oh, well... I will not talk about all those bad memories as they are history. 
This event was held in Splendid Palace - Cafe Film Noir and there was even a pop -up store where I got a new highliter  - love it, Spray make-up base  & a lime green mascara. 
Event was long - and was in many parts. First we got introuduced to Riti ( in picture above with a boy) - Baltic NYX manager who told us about NYX history, who decides about what products should be created, how many are there and teasted us that she already knows how cool products will come in 2017 :D 
Followed by Aija Ūdentiņa master class- creating a stunning high fashion/advertorial look I loved. 
And then we got a presentation from Anete Ozoliņa ( Parādi Modi) where she told facts about youtbe, and her own chanel. :) This event ended with a 15minute make-up challenge and the theme was -Anime! Oh, that went crazy... Anime is not my thing, so I  just watched how creative people were :)
During the event we got informed about NYX FACE AWARDS- where anyone can participate and I will do it too! I hope I will film the video on sunday! Just can't decide how crazy I can go in 15 minutes... OH MY! You can check the entries using #nyxcosmeticsfaceawardsbaltics,  @nyxbaltics on instagram

Wearing: MQqueen top, ASOS- skirt and heels! 
Photos: Lauma Kalniņa
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