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Fitness update MAY

Another month is gone!  And here is my gym update with a small video - featuring 3 exercises you can do even at home. P.s. It's better to do belly and waist exercises after cardio that lasts at least 25-30 minutes.

May was a slower month for me at the gym, as I was dating, but  I'm not anymore.  :D HA! Well maybe this is a fitness post but somehow all of it is realted and I will tell a small story. :)
So dating... takes away my free time! My free time inculdes blogging & gym.. so the more I spent time with a men , the less I had a time for a gym .... but wait he was attending the same gym, but still we/I went there quite rare as I was constantly tired or wanted to do something more fun. But life wouldn't be so fun if everything went so smooth. One day I wake up to a MESSAGE from a man kind of trying to tell me, that everything is over.. OH WELL- where all the menly guys has gone, but this was somethinh I wasn't expecting. The reason was stupid enough not to make me sad, but just to piss off.. Smoked a pack of cigarets and was back on track, I don't spend my tears on people who are not worth it. But that day was kind of magical.. as I met someone new... AND I  belevie, that everythinh in life happens for a reason. We meet exact people so we can learn something, If  we do not learn we get the same situation over and over again. If we learn, then we move on! :)

So now I am back in the gym, back to blogging and I have to say I feel better than I felt when I was dating.... But oh, I will date again and have fun this summer for sure. Now I am on my way to a six-pack and sexier butt! :) Haven't yet found a time to go for an outdoor run, but I want to see if my beloved ADIDAS PURE BOOST X are as good outdoors as indoors. My running game has changed dramaticly since I got these trainers. They are wonderful, comfortable, my knees doesn't hurt and I am so, so happy.
But I will freeze my gym membership for summer, as there is shorter working time and I can't fit in it and second reason- during the summer I can go to swim, to run, to SUP , wakeboard, rollerski, cycle and do many many more!
How do you train during the summer? :)

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