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Visit Estonia | Saaremaa- Kuressaare

Moving forward with Estonia geaway from Pärnu to Sareemaa. Last time when I was there I was probabbly around 8 or 10 years old. Just a kid, so I remeber only two things :) 
Kaali Meteorite that we visited as well this time - pictures coming in next post. And I remeber Angla Windmills. Well, so nothing much. Saaremaa is such a peaceful island, so green, clean and calm. If you want to run away from stress, or everyday life- go there- choose a SPA Hotel. We stayed at Johan SPA Hotel. Small, but quite nice and modern hotel with 2 pools, 2 saunas, jacuzzi and a private rooftop open-air jacuzzi with sauna that you can book asunder. We tried rooftop jacuzzi too and decided that it would be awesome to host there a party. :) Kursessaare is a small and lovely town- take a walk around or rent a bike. No need for a car at all. Had food at 2 places : first Retro Kohvik- vitage place where you woudn't expect the food to be good, but you are so wrong and it is so well prepared and served, that I even felt guilty for a moment to doubt all those excellence stickers on restaurants doors :( The other one was La Perla - Italian restaurnat that is located next door to Retro Kohvik :D We were that lazy! No, I was craving pizza so much and guess what- You can build your own pizza - the best way to make me happy :) So on last saturday I opend my summer season with a outdoor swim :) It was so, so cool. And next day I starded the day with another outdoor swim! As usually you can follow everthing on SNAPCHAT: LauraValuta and on INSTAGRAM: @laura_valuta. So, another week is over, and I can't wait for my next adventure :) P.s. There will be a third post about 3rd day in Estonia  during the weekend :) 
Love & Hugs!
 ZARA- knit wear sweater ( this season) ; CALZEDONIA - leggings ( last season), ALBERRTO GUARDIANI - Cherie Slip ons, MICHAEL KORS - watch ( old), H&M - rings, LINDEX - earrings, PRADA- Sunnies, TWIN- SET - bag ( similar here)

Attractions on Saaremaa

Loode Oak Forest, Kaarma vald, Saare maakond. Loode oak forest is one of the few extant naturally growing park-like forests. Rare flora can be found there (including orchids). The forest is equipped with a bird watching platform.

Angla Windmills. The only remaining group of windmills on Saaremaa is located in Angla, at the 32 kilometre mark on the Upa-Leisi road. 

Asva Fortified Settlement, Asva, Saaremaa. The tiny village of Asva is located at the 33 kilometre mark on the Kuivastu - Laimjala - Kuressaare road. There, behind the village on a low-lying hayfield is located one of the most archaeologically important bronze-age sites in Northern Europe. Asva has given its name to an entire culture.

Jämaja church. Jämaja church is located on the western shore of Sõrve peninsula, at the 21 kilometre mark on the Kaugatuma - Sääre road. Although the present reconstruction dates to 1864, there has been a church here since the Middle Ages.

The Kaali meteorite craters. Located 18km from Kuressaare towards Kuivastu. The most probable age of the Kaali crates is 7500-7600 years. Kaali lake is considered to be the most unique geological object in Estonia. Known as Holy Lake it also has an important place in tradition. There is archaeological evidence that it was a place of offering for many centuries.

Kaarma Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Is located on the Laadjala - Kaarma - Karja road at the six kilometer mark. The church was probably built after the 1261 rebellion. There is a medieval; baptismal font (13th century) and a wooden sculpture of St. Simon of Cyrene (mid-15th century) standing under the pulpit. The pulpit, dating from 1645, is also worth noting. The present Neo-Gothic altarpiece depicts a painting by O. von Moeller of Christ on the Cross. The Kaarma ring fort is located about 100m east of Kaarma church. 

Karja Church. It's approximately three kilometers from Angla, towards Koikla. It is Saaremaa's smallest church that dates from the Middle Ages. The church is famous for its decorative elements. Some wall frescoes still remain. On the ceiling there are several mysterious, magical symbols, such as the three - legged triskele, a devil that looks between its legs, and the pentagram, among others. 

Karujärv (Bear Lake). The lake is located close to the town of Kärla, going towards Pidula. It is the oldest lake on Saaremaa, it appeared here almost 8000 years ago. The shores on the southern side of the lake are low and muddy. The northern shore is higher and there the shores are of gravel or sandy. The bottom of the lake is mostly sand. On the shores of the lake there is Karujärve Camping where cabins can be rented. There are an outdoor café and playing fields plus water bicycles can be rented. 

Panga cliff. The Panga cliff is located on the northern shore of Saaremaa, at the end of the Kuressaare - Võhma road, close to Panga village. It is the highest of the Saaremaa and Muhu cliffs, reaching to a maximum of 21.3 metres. The entire cliff is approximately 2.5 km long. Folk tradition cites Panga cliff as a place of worship and sacrifice for the ancient Saarlanders. The last animal sacrifice took place during the 1960's.

Pidula manor. Approximately 11 kilometres from Kihelkonna towards Muistjala. Because of its well thought out proportions and tasteful details, art historians consider this to be one of Estonia's most attractive baroque manor houses. It is believed that the building dates to the mid-18th century. 

Pühatu springs. Saaremaa's largest and most well-known sacrificial springs are on the Kuressaare-Võhma road, at the five kilometre mark, behind Pähkla village on a low field, in a little thicket of trees. The spring is deep green in colour.
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