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 HELPS to restore even 3 year damaged hair.
SCHWARZKOPF Professional

What and how much? 

  • Repair rescue shampoo/ around 7eur
  • Repair rescue conditioner/ around 9eur
  • Repair rescue deep nourishing treatment is very rich and nourishing/ around 8eur
And two new unique products! OMG they are good! 
  • Repair rescue S.O.S. elixir YES! 5minute treatment, but you have to wash it out!  around 9eur
  • Repair rescue sealed ends - YES , this one I love, it even skipped the pictures, cause I keep it next to my daily regimen products. Protects hair from the heat up to 230 degrees & UV rays. Use from the middle of hair till ends.  Around 10eur

Choose ony if you have dry, damaged, weak, splitting, coloured and bad looking hair, that needs an instant boost and repair. If you have normal hair this line will be too heavy and hair could get greasy and look dirty really quickly. This is a repair line, not for normal hair on daily bases.
* PR products
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