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Ok, there comes the time when you actually start to think about injections. I use so many skin care products daily, but still the result is not as good as I want it to be. In a year I will be 30.. I am not afraid of my age, I am not afraid of moving forward, but the fact that my skin is not tight I dislike the most. So life has gifted me  with a dry skin- that comes with more fine lines, neccesity for maximum moisturising and less sun exposure. Oh, well, as much as I tried to avoid or follow all these rules I know, it doesn't work like I wish it would. So first I want between my eyebrows-one big, fat injection to get rid of that wrinkle from frowning. This movement is following me since I was a child. But, sorry I'm not an actress -  I don't need my gesture to be so alive. So now I am searching trough Riga where will be the first stop where I will have my first injection. :) I'm the person who supports injections, surgery and all the artificial intervention if it is necessary. Otherwise no. If anyone of my readers has done anything like this! Please share your story or comment what could U suggest :)
With Love from Milan, where all the girls loves being pretty, so damn much! 

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MIL'KHANNIE teica...
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MIL'KHANNIE teica...

You're beautiful already! Nice post.

Thanks for sharing!!

Tiffany Milkhannie

Laura Valuta teica...

Thank's for the support :) U made me smile :)

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