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 Here I am sitting and posing with a flower bouquette I got for 8th of March :) ( Thanks to THE one who gifted it ). These flowers are from Magnolijas zieds.  They were so, so beautiful. And lasted really long. So these days since 8th of march are crazy... writting my thesis for university was the most exhausting thing I've done this year. Finally finished and I guess today I have a big day to present it. So all this time I was working, studying and had no time for gym. Almost in 2 weeks I've been there maximum 2 times. I do feel fat, ok maybe not fat, but I've eaten too much fast food and I am in a such discomfort. Can't wait for this to end. So with almost no sleep through the nights, I have no inspiration or what so ever to do my make-up, hair and choose my outfits, but I did bought a lot of new candles from H&M home I can't imagine my home without candles. And I always have a few Munio Candela relaxation paint candles. I did shop in ASOS for some spring clothes, got new shoes and pants. Did some shopping on , now waiting for new sneakers, jeans and shorts for the summer to arrive. And I am still in love with my PANTONE color nail design by LAINE :) She is my angel. Nails are so important to me, and I love to express my mood and style through my nail design too.
So for the next few days I will be off from the internet, from everything... I want to relax. Enjoy Easter holidays and talk to you soon! :) Lot's of Love!

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Laura teica...

Nadziņi skaisti, un krekliņš ļoti pozitīvs un iedvesmojošs - kur iegādājies? :)

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Laura Valuta teica...

Paldies :) Krekliņš no Portugāles :) Veikals kāds nav iepriekš redzēts Latvijā :(

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Camille Sugar teica...

Krekliņš un puķes skaistas :) Pati esi vienkārši burvīga :)

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