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Oriflame Smokey | makeup

Here are few new products from Oriflame.  So I played with them for a while and some of them bacame my good friends and trustful soldiers.
I really love Smokey mascara- it has a small silicone brush so it is really easy to apply mascara even on short lashes and get a nice curl + volume.
As well I do like a lot highlighting concealer and liquid eye liner. Really good products for a nice price.
Have to say that pressed powder in natural is my partner in crime for finishing my daily foundation routine.
The least I liked Smokey  eyeshadow pencils. I was trying to even them out and blend so the make-up doesn't look muddy, but no nothing... as well it doesn't dry and  moves a lot on my eyelids. So I definitely say NO to pencils.. and yes to powder, mascara, highlighting concealer and eyeliner.
Anything good you have tried from Oriflame?
*Thanks to Oriflame Latvija for products
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Catarina Bento teica...

Love the effect! It gives such a misterious look!

Laura Valuta teica...

Well there is a lot of mystery with this kind of look :)

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