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Dreamy Green | How to choose perfect earrings

Beautiful earrings is what makes your all outfit and you stand out. Earrings can even help you to change simple day outfit for a more chic evening look in no time. So don't underestimate the power of statement earrings.  By the way not anyone can wear any type of earrings. You have to know your face form so you don't enhance the features that should be hidden. 
  • Long, Thin Face Shape: If you have a long thin face, medium-size and large earrings will give an impression that your face is wider than it is.  DONT go for long and narrow dangling earrings or thin hoops as they will emphasis the length of your face.
  • Square Face Shape: Rounded deigns that soften the cheekbones and jaw line are most suitable for the square shaped face. The best choices are dangling pieces and hoop earrings. DONT experiment with large square or overly round earrings as they tend to create the illusion of a wider looking face.
  • Heart / Diamond Face Shape: When choosing earrings for a heart-shaped face you should look for pieces with elongated lines and curves. Pieces with elongated curves will help you to balance out the face and will draw attention to your eyes, cheekbones, and jaw line. AVOID large or round button earrings which can draw unwanted attention to the width of your forehead. Very delicate and small earrings may also cause an asymmetric look on your face.
  • Round or Full Face Shape: Think long! Elongated, narrow and oval earrings will provide the perfect contrast to the natural shape of your face without making it look any wider. KEEP AWAY from post earrings, wide hoops or short dangling earrings.
  • Oval Face Shape: Ladies with oval-shaped faces look good in almost every style of earrings. 

Thanks to Happiness Boutique I had a chance to add some really beautiful earrings to my collection. Couldn't even choose. They came in beautiful box, with a card how to look after them and with a personal note. All really well thought out. This is a perfect gift for any girl! 

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Zanda teica...

Ļoti skaisti auskari ;) Man liekas ar tādiem var uzfrišināt teju katru tērpu ;) Pat sporta bikses :D

Laura Valuta teica...

Jā, es ar tāpat uzskatu. Un cena par šādiem auskariem ar ir ļoti pieņemama. Kvalitāte, piegāde un noformējums ir izcili!

Dori Moon teica...

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