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Hey, hey, hey!
It has been such a journey for me! So I want to share even the minimum I know about Surfing in Portugal- Algarve!

Here are my few Tips ;)

First RENT A CAR! Fuel costs around 1 eur for a litre. But there are some petrol stations that are way more cheaper than others- pay attention!
As we were living in Armacao De Pera.  Around 30-40 minute drive from Faro and each day going to surf to different spots- were the waves were the best it was curtail to have a car.
We never went to surf on our beach that was like 10 minutes walk away from our house.
We rented our surfboards in Lagos- JAH SHAKA Surf Centre really cool place
(Take the insurance as well- costs around 24 eur, as If you brake your board even in pieces you will be safe. If no insurance- well that will cost you quite a bit.)
I did brake a fin and had an insurance so I was covered. YAY

The best surfing I had was in Portimao - as well the city is damn beautiful. There are a long beach, full with beach bars, cafes and shops. If you are looking for party - this will be here. In Portimao- there are quite a few places where to rent surfboards and wet suits as well- but remember it will be more expensive.

The beaches I visited:

  • Portimao - Praia Da Rocha, loved this one the most, 
  • Praia Do Porto De Mos  - nice place, with quite good seafood restaurant that has an ocean view
  • Tonel in Algarve - Didn't surf
  • Praia Casteljo - went there for 3 or 4 times
  • Beliche- didn't surf
  • Zavial - didn't surf
  • Praia Di Cordama 
  • Praia da Bordeira  - couldn't get in the water as waves were too big for a beginner ;( 
*Please note that in this part of the Atlantic you basically always have to wear a wetsuit. The water is here cooler than for example in France during the summer months. A 3/2 (mm) wetsuit is advised from May to November. During the winter months, you should go for a 4/3 with booties.

Must eat at place in Armaco De Pera is ZE LEITEIRO - amazing place -only seafood, no coffee, no menu. You sit, they bring you different seafood till you are full and say stop. Not expensive at all- was full when we came, and the next time we went there - we couldn't spot a single free chair. 
* For a lovely drinks and some food in Portimao- visit NO SOLO AGUA Beach club- located just almost in ocean :) 
* Seafood at shops are really cheep- if you're staying somewhere with a kitchen I suggest to cook at home. Will be way more cheeper and more delicious. 
* Coffee + pastéis de nata at Pingo Doce costs only 1eur 
* Best Portugal vine - Vinho Verde Cascal Garcia ( good wine is cheep 3-5 eur) 

Must visit - Benagli - Banagil Caves as well just few km away from our home. Just  so beautiful cliffs and lovely small city centre again with small souvenir shops and lovely cafes.

BIG THANKS GOES TO Freedom Routes. You make awesome trips!

Now I am looking for new Surf spots in Portugal and found this lovely place- I think one day I will give it a go! 

HERE IS A VIDEO I TOOK with my Phone :D But still some memories !

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