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[ Lifestyle ] Travel with a friend #1

Hey, Fabulous readers!

Today I begin the series of posts about travelling and the living somewhere else :) These posts will be either in Latvian either English. So in the end if what- use google translate, please. I caught myself thinking that I have so many friends, persons who I know and who lives abroad, so I asked them to crate  a short story about the place where they live, has lived or are moving to. I like to know how it is, what to see, where to go, eat, shop and so on!   So, tell me, will you like to read more stories like this? Have a fun, super fun day! 
First Up is : 


Hei, hei. Iam Elīna. I have passion for fashion, food and photography. Im from Latvia now living in England, Bournemouth. The reason why Im here is I came here with my sister. She studies fashion, so as I am a fashion person I decided that that could be an opportunity to improve myself as a designer. Im here only from September, but it feels like I am here a lot longer.

Bournemouth is a large coastal resort town on the south coast of England. The best about Bournemouth is its beautiful sea, but very different like in Latvia. Bournemouth have approx. 200000 citizens. Big waves, a lot of interesting scallop shells and sea in a town center. Surprise for me was when I saw surfers. Yes a lot of them surfs and learns to surf right here all year long. My sister studies here in Arts University Bournemouth and she has an opportunity to join surf club learn how to surf. Isn’t that cool? J

Here is beautiful Bournemouth from my instagram:

So lets talk about something more interesting – shopping and eating :D

The best thing about shops is that here are shops that Latvia do not have. So I can buy clothes and chances to meet someone in Latvia with the same clothes are not so big. Here everyone walks in the same clothes, because the most common is shopping in Primark. The reason is, you can get cheap clothes with intereseting designs, and they dont care if they will meet someone on the street with similar clothes like we latvians do J My favorite shop in England is Miss selfridge, when Im in this shop Im like little girl in candy shop, everything is so beautiful and totally in my taste. But the saddest thing is that it is one the most expensive shop if we talk about Topshop, River island and others in this category. Of course one of my favorites is Tkmaxx, where can find very big labels for small prices, like Michael Kors coat for 50 pounds, great yea? J

If we talk about cosmetics, here is a very big range of different cosmetic brands. If I need something I just go to one of these two shops – Boots or Superdrug and I can buy everything I need. Even american Cover girl, which I haven’t seen in Latvia. I like shopping deals , like, take 3 pay for 2. What was surprise for me that in here Argan oil products are very cheap, not very but if we compare with prices in Latvia. So now I feel my hair looks so much better than in Latvia, cause I can afford any argan oil product here J My favorite brand here is Vaseline, I just love this brand, I really like hand cream which helps not only my hands, but nails also, and when I started to use it, I just felt how better my nails became. And lip balsams for this brand also are great. So whenever you are coming to UK just buy something from Vaseline and you will not regret it.

About food, you really can eat everything here – kebabs, chineese food, indian food, but the most popular, of course ,is fish & chips. They just can’t live without fish and chips, and it’s damn tasty. I like this meal, of course, not for every day, but sometimes ,why not? But we just love home made food, so we are cooking almost every day. And than we had an idea that we are going to make blog about cooking, because one thing I really like is taking photos of food, so that is why we write blog about what we eat in England J

Here is blog:


As you see this is something totaly different then London. And the best is that Im only 2 hours drive from London. When ever I want to go to London I can jump in train or bus and Im in London baby J

And one of the reasons why Im here is I wanted to study a little bit. In Latvia I have my fashion label for four years and had a feeling that I need to learn something new, cause learning is always a good thing. So I jumped in my sisters University and took short courses in customised pattern cutting and fitting. Here are some pictures how looks there:

Now when Im writing about my life in here Im sitting with open window and cathing sun. Yess, spring is here. Flowers outside are blooming, birds are singing and sun is very warm, so Im in my element J

I hope that you enjoyed my story about Bournemouth, and soon in march 16th Iam coming back to Latvia for some while. I have very nice business offers to do and a lot of my clients can’t wait for me, so I need some job to do and to be honest I just can’t wait to sit by my sewing machine and make something new J

If you are ever near Bournemouth and need some help about hotels or just looking around city, I can help you, you can find me in facebook – Elina Ceica or twitter. My fashion label page in facebook is here, if you need something beautiful for yourself Im always open to help you find something J

and If you want to see more pictures about Bournemouth feel free to join my instagram profile were Im updating almost every day something new.

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ginta_b teica...

shis ir interesanti laura...un elina, paldies ka padaliijies, instagram bides smukas un fashion ir labs....forshi...iipashi noteikti uzrunaaju, jo taapat dziivoju pie juuras dienvidos divas stundas ldz ondonai,,,pavasars gaisaa :) par edieniem un veikalie, reti eedu fish un chips jo sajuutas ka nav tas labaakais un no high street iepeerkos shkjiet 90% ieksh topshop, primark un tkmaxx neuzrunaa it nemaz, bet fakts ka te viss uz delnas pasniegts - kaardinoshi vai ne.... paldies, inchiigi palasiit

Māra Kukoja teica...

ļoti iedvesemojoši :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Prieks, ka patīk raksts, jo man šķita, ka uzzināt par dažādām vietām un cilvēkiem ir interesanti :)

Laura Valuta teica...

Forši, Prieks dzirdēt :)

Una teica...

Jā, noteikti šādi raksti interesētu, īpaši jau par modi, veikaliem un skaistumkopšanu.. ;)

Laura Valuta teica...

Forši, centīšos, bet par modi un skaistumkopšanu noteikti nebūs katrā rakstā :))

Iyek Dsadf teica...

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i like it..
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