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What is NEW IN my beauty bag #2

Šis jau ir otrais raksts, kurā apkopoju visus jaunumus, kuri nonākuši manā lietošanā, šoreiz visi ir atsūtīti kā PR paraugi vai ir dāvinājumi. Pastāstīšu savas domas par saviem iespaidiem, par draugu kometāriem un izstāstīšu savu pieredzi. Īsumā vēlos izcelt Tangle Teezer ķemmes, Invisibooble matu gumijas, kas ir mani labākie draugi, kopš ienāca Latvijas tirgū. ASTAXANthin ir šķidrie dimanti sejas ādai, nezinu kurā mucā dzīvoju, bet nebiju par to neko līdz šim dzirdējusi. Sīkāk lasiet pie paša produkta bildes. Un Batistes jaunie produkti man šķiet pacēlušies vēl augstākā līmenī un ir burvīgi lietošani ikdienā. :) Vairāk par katru produktu varat uzzināt lasot šo ierakstu tālāk. 

Here we go again! New products! This time all of them are sent to me for testing & reviewing.
Schwarzkopf  BC BONACURE SUN PROTECT triple protection – against UVA/UVB, color fade and free radical damage. If you have a colored hair, you love to spend your time in the sun and don't want to loose the color or damage your hair, this like is for you. 
BUT one I picked out myself was Tangle Teezer hairbrush with Disney FROZEN  and Nano invisibooble from the new collection form my sisters daughter. Invisibobble® Circus Collection is a limited collection with a metallic glow. She was in LOVE. Everyone who love Frozen will enjoy the design of the best hairbrush in the world. I have 2 of them- one at home and one in my bag. This On-the-go type is my personal favourite. 
Tangle Teezer: 19.90
Tangle Teezer Disney: 20.50 
Nano: 4.50 
Original: 5.50
Power: 6.50 
 TREETS TRADITIONS Healing in harmony from Euro Aptieka was in my Celebrity Box - I am using these lavender scented products at the moment- it's a dream and pure relaxation. Love the scent of the products and the salt scrub with rosemary and grape seed oil is amazing. If looking for new and good quality skin care products I suggest you to look at this line. Based on a blend of herbs and oils coming from the Alps are the best suited for european skin :)  The price range is from 5.99 euro
 Another hidden gem? ASTAXAN thin is a 24h face cream - day + night with natural ingredients.
Astaxanthin worldwide it is being called a superantioxidant, the king of antioxidants.
No.1 antioxidant you haven’t heard about but need to use, a miracle drug for everything from wrinkles to dementia and age-related vision loss. It is the most powerful free radical scavenger of all anti-aging molecules; it is 65 times stronger than vitamin C, 14 times stronger than vitamin E, 54 times stronger than beta-carotene, 20-50 times stronger than synthetic astaxanthin.
One thing apeffectart from all the other face creams I've tried in my life- you can really feel the lifting effect. Plus absorbs really quickly, without leaving any traces from cream, perfect as base under make-up.  To achieve the maximum effect, it's recommended to use the creams in combination with dietary supplement LYL ASTAXANthin.
Astaxanthin came to fame in 2011 when Oprah Winfrey together with dermatologist Nicholas Perricone revealed the miracle to the public on her TV show. Since then interest in astaxanthin has skyrocketed. It has been called a miracle drug by celebrities and world-class athletes. 
Iegādāties: ŠEIT
 ECO DENTA from Biok laboratories. 99% ingredients of natural origin. Refreshing melon-scented toothpaste with enamel-strengthening action. I think natural is always a good idea, even better when we use it orally. Super, super melony taste, if you're not a fan of melons, this will be way too strong for U.
Kinetics Nail Systems nail polishes are made in Latvia, but sold all over the world. Now the biggest nailpolish wall in Baltic's you can find in STOCKMANN RIGA and this wall is purely from KINETICS nail polishes. 
YAY, BATISTE has something new and really good- 2 in 1- Dry shampoo & conditioner! I love Batiste for a long time, but now the design is better, the products looks better, the scents are not so synthetic anymore and the result is still amazing. Perfect to freshen up your hair or as a little helper while creating some memorable hairstyles.
L'Oreal BOTANICALS Fresh Care, a new line for your hair care. This BOTANICALS line leaves me doubting. As for me the shampoo and conditioner I have doesn't work at all. The shine I have was lost, they were heavier and become greasy way faster than usual. Maybe my hair is not so dry anymore and this product is already too heavy, so I can't blame the product as I was testing just what was sent to me. My friend Paula has a natural hair, thin texture and she loves Botanical fresh care products she uses and  she is suggesting them to everyone. Other my friend Ieva bought and tried Botanicals and she didn't reach the expectations. She has short, coloured blond hair. So, for one  person they will be really cool, for others not so good at all. 
But from the products I got I like & use the strength potion that is a leave in treatment & still testing out shine vinegar, can't really tie my thoughts on it. Anyhow, the range is wide, the design is cool & the prices are ok. The rest is up to U!
Maybe anyone has tried them and has a comment to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below, will be highly appreciated. :)
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