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I quit my gym membership after 3 years! Not cause I have no motivation, the reason is better. I have a super high motivation to work out during the summer outdoors, prove to myself and others, that you can stay fit, healthy and look good without a gym membership. By the way I thought that 40 eur just for weight lifting was way too expensive, as I can do all those things at home, just have to do some cardio - like running, outdoors. 
At the moment I'm 1.70m ( I guess I wont grow anymore) :D wight is 54 kg
I don't need to loose the weight, but I have to work on my ABS  so from now on I think I could motivate myself with a challenge. I will do a  weekly post on my workouts and will give you tips and tricks what to do to get the best results. I know how to train the perfect butt :D without getting them bulky! For the ABS I love to check Soniatlevfitness instagram account! very good exercisies for ABS and BUTT! 

This time I want to share with you an Italian Sportswear from Bellisima Seamless bicoloured multi microfibresport T-shirt, in transpiring microfibre, DRYARN TECHNOLOGY & Seamless bicoloured multi sport Capri leggings, in transpiring microfibre, DRYARN TECHNOLOGY.
Feels so light on the body, fit's perfectly, is really soft, let's trough air and takes care of your body through thermoregulation. Perfect for indoor and outdoor sports.
P.s. Rīgā var iegādāties Maxima XXX Deglava 67 un Slokas 150.
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Simona Vikštrēma teica...

Veiksmi jaunajā izaicinājumā! Izskaties lieliski! :)

Unknown teica...

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harada57 teica...
Šo komentāru ir noņēmis autors.
online personal training teica...

Great shots! And I agree, running (and exercising) outdoor is so much better than being trapped inside! Thanks for sharing :)

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