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This time my story is about 3 lovely days I spent in Estonia and if to be specific in Saaremaa & Haapsalu.

With 1200 spa places for 14 000 inhabitants makes Kuressaare the capital of Saaremaa, the town that has probably the biggest number of spas per population in the world. The island got a lovely nickname: Spaaremaa ( Spa +Saaremaa ). Spa in Saaremaa is a common thing since 1824 when the first country's mud baths were opened.  In 2017 there are 8 different spa hotels operating in Saaremaa. In total Spa's offer 1, 100 beds , 365 different treatments, 55 different saunas and swimming pools.
Festival Wellfest has been organised since 2014.
This year festival organises from 26th till 30th of April. During the festival Spas offer more favourable prices, next to that many other businesses organise variety of health and wellness related events. 
During my trip to Estonia I had a chance to stay in 3 hotels: 
Had tours in other SPA hotels like:
Visited other restaurants and places
  • Saare Golf Club, Saaremaa - golf courses for anyone with a spectacular scenery 
  • Restoran Mo, Saaremaa - perfect sunset view from the restaurant, high quality local and organic food menu
Got to know new brands

GOSPA Hotel, was the one I stayed at, I had a lovely room  with a balcony and a scenery of the sea. Had delicious dinner at hotels restaurant, that is nominated as one of the best Estonian restaurants 2017 ( You know I am a foodie and I do love to visit good restaurants), I had a lovely evening swim at the wellness centrecentre and my first open air swim this year! The pool and sauna area is very lovely. In the morning I had a facial treatment Micro- D flash beauty, done by Triina  ( 8 year experience in the field) She used Vie collection skincare products . I enjoyed every minute of it, it was perfect! This hotel is loved by Latvians, it's family and dog friendly ( there is no limit to the dog size, as long as it knows how to behave). 

We had a tour in few more SPA hotels like SPA hotel MERI & Rüütli.
Rüütli SPA hotel has a four-lane 25-meter swimming pool, jacuzzi and waterslide, that no other SPA in Saaremaa. It's located by the sea and has a wide range of healing procedures. We had a nice lunch at restaurant NAUTICA. Rüütli is located next to Meri Spa hotel and offers many free time activities, like table tennis, billiards, snooker, children's game room, gym, squash court and others. 
SPA hotel MERI combines Estonian coastal folk traditions and knowledge of the use of sea mud in health and beauty care. l U can have a marine mud bath over there. These hotels offer best SPA treatment & massage prices.
We had a tour and a SPA treatment in GRAND ROSE SPA hotel, it has a very cosy and really romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is located under the ground, the feeling is so surreal, and intimate. Perfect for a date night. In Grand Rose SPA hotel  I had a Trimming Chocolate and Coffee body treatment & it was so super good. I hadn't felt so lovely in a while. After treatment had a chill moment by the pool with a cup of tea. This Hotel has the biggest pool & sauna area in Saaremaa! The Latvians could see similarity with Jocker Club
Visited Johan SPA hotel  I stayed there last year with a boyfriend and we booked a rooftop jacuzzi before the midnight. It's a really nice hotel, now they renovated as well the old part of the hotel so all rooms are pretty and new. Kind of small pool & sauna area, but still it is enough and has an outdoor pool with a warm water. This time I had there an Easytherm therapy session 40 min, went out like few kg lighter. It's a steam sauna very rare in Estonia. It was quite hard to bare the heat, but still I would love to do it again. I felt that I had such a good detox from this session.
Restoran MO & Saare GOLF club! Was a highlight of my last day in Saaremaa, I loved the location, the scenery and the food for sure. I'm not a golf player, but I do know quite a few who play & they would loved there- not so flat, some water ponds in between and really fresh air. 
But I can talk about the restaurant and the food. Chef is Sandro Batista- Italian living in Estonia. Amazing person and talented chef. I had mussels, Fish and pavlova cake. Each dish was excellent, not too much, not too less. But I have to say one thing... the moment you get to know the chef, the better the food gets. He comes and explains all the bits and details... The girls Kaisa & Ella had beef tartar and they said it tasted as good as it looked. Well, there are not so many places where U have a good combination of organic food on menu, sunset that stops your heart and eye pleasing interior.

  • FRA MARE Thalasso SPA - has thalasso therapy & this SPA hotel has 3 stars in medical SPA field.
  • SPA hotel Laine - located by the sea and has wide medical and relaxing spa procedures. 

I stayed in Laine SPA hotel and had a lovely sea view room. Didn't had any procedures, as the hotel booked MUD treatment, but we already got to try it in Saaremaa. I think Haapsalu is a really nice stop on your trip of calm and relaxing vacation getaway point if you're tired of crowds and buzz that a city has. By the entrance of Laine SPA hotel there is a sculpture of " Stick-breaker " as everyone who comes to Haapsalu get's over their illness. By the way Haapsalu has been favoured by Russian imperial family and aristocrats for a really long time, so the railway station is built under a special project and it is very very beautiful.
By the way Haapsalu has very interesting and full programme of festivals during the year and especially during summer. Check them out HERE
In Estonian SPAS you will enjoy spectacular interiors  professional treatments and a wide array of beauty services.
Thank's to Visit Estonia for taking me on this lovely and 
P.S. !!! I can add few tips from my last visit to Estonia- Tallinn 8th of march 2017 - a day trip. Flew from Riga to Tallinn with AirBaltic visited my first quest room - Imaginaris ( must try if you love quests or you never tried it before - I went for SHAMBALA), then we had a super good dinner NOA restaurant  (fine dining and innovative cuisine) restaurant has a million dollar view of the Tallinn skyline and the sea & has a lovely atmosphere! P.s. Has many awards as a best restaurant in Estonia ;) & for the more intellectual part I visited KUMU museum in Tallinn- very lovely walk of art! 


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